What’s in a name?

Great Escape + Great Expectations = Great Escapetations!


The world is big and beautiful if you choose to see it that way. Variety is the spice of life – and I want to travel and taste as many spices as I can, while I can. I invite you to travel along with me via my blog.

Whenever I travel, I like to use all my senses – taking in the vistas, the smells, the sounds, and definitely tasting my way through each town. I search for the non-touristy genuine gems, and for the unique charm that each place offers. I love to walk a lot and explore the less beaten path just to see where it leads… which is usually to food… I take photos when I can and meet interesting people along the way. I explore our differences and similarities, and mostly I enjoy the wonders of wandering internationally.

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Why this blog?

When I started my blog, I was still working at a 9-5 job and dreaming about someday traveling and writing full time. Like many others, I found that the 9-5 life (or really 8 to whenever) wasn’t fulfilling. Recently, something clicked internally and I became acutely aware of how limited our time on Earth was. I’ve decided to take a break from regular jobs and channel my passions for travel, food, and photography into my writing, while providing freelance services in marketing and copy writing.

The name of the blog came from a combination of terms: Great Escape + Great Expectations – I have great expectations about my great escape from the desk job. I dare to dream that there is a better-spent life out there for me, doing more of what I love.

I invite you to read some of my published articles and my people-interest blog, Thoughtfulicious.com. Then, follow my Great Escapetations blog, and discover your next favorite travel stop or food from a different corner of the world.

It’s a big world out there…escape to it!

Oana Harrison

About Me


Hello, I am Oana Harrison, a Marketing Professional, Traveler, Foodie, and Freelance Writer.

Originally from Brasov, Romania, I came to the U.S. to attend college in 1997. I graduated from Berea College with a degree in Business Administration and then from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with an MBA in Marketing. Over the past sixteen years, I have provided marketing services to B2B and B2C companies, both full time and as a consultant. Read more about my professional life and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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 All photos, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted to me.

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