Breckenridge, Colorado—not just a winter destination

Known for its five peaks and the highest lift-served terrain in North America catering to skiing enthusiasts, Breckenridge is not only a winter wonderland but a great summer destination. Hiking its hundreds of trails, you’ll find inner peace among wild flowers and awe in mountain and lake views. Perched at 9,600 feet, the charming Victorian town of Breckenridge is small but full of attractions for everyone from Gold Rush history afficionados, to art appreciators, and to souvenir shoppers.

I visited Breckenridge a couple of times so far and fully intend to go back in the summer for some hikes.

My first trip there was cold, even if at the end of April. Luckily, as any good Coloradoan, I came prepared: the trunk of my car has a good collection of warm layers—hats, gloves, scarves, fleece jackets, and even hand warmers. And we had to use them all (to the detriment of fashion)! My friends and I jumped in the free gondola and rode to the top. However, we didn’t get off until we came back the mountain again. When the doors slid open at the few stops along the way, a bitter wind was blowing snow sideways—brr! Back in town, we took a detour to warm up with coffee and some of the most delicious sugary treats around: churros (Asturian style) filled with custard from Mimi & Pin, a small shop conveniently tucked between the main street and the gondola station.

My second trip to Breckenridge was in the warmer month of July. Our friends spend time at their time share and we tagged along for a day. The slopes looked different, wet with rain and lush green. Bright flowers adorned the lodge, celebrating summer.

We spent time walking through downtown after the mandatory Mimi & Pin stop. The Blue River banks made for a perfect spot to relax for adults, and for children and dogs to run.

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  1. It’s great to see Breckenridge highlighted as a fantastic summer destination, not just a winter one. Your description of the charming Victorian town and the variety of attractions it offers makes it an appealing option for all kinds of travelers. Your personal experiences in both April and July provide valuable insights into the different aspects of Breckenridge throughout the year. The mention of Mimi & Pin’s churros adds a delightful touch to your post, making me crave a visit to this enchanting town even more. I’m looking forward to exploring the hiking trails and experiencing the beauty of Breckenridge in the summer myself. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences!

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