Ciao, bella Italia (Capri, Blue Grotto)

Capri, the land of winged sirens, as mythology will have it, is a truly magical and mesmerizing place. A short boat ride away from Sorrento (30 min.), Capri welcomes visitors with spectacular views, yet friendly surroundings.

Marina Grande was the starting point of our ascend to Bar Funicolare, for a well-deserved respite with a gorgeous view and a delicious gelato!

For more spectacular views, we headed to Giardini di Augusto.

Via Krupp, a historic passage, offered freshly-squeezed lemon juice drinks.

We kicked around the stone streets, window-shopping, and stopping for a quick sweet refresher.

Blue Grotto was an interesting stop. Although a beautiful little place, somehow I didn’t get the warm and fuzzies from it. Even if we are not big people, my husband and I struggled to fit in a tiny boat, where I felt a bit claustrophobic. I tried my best to protect my “good camera” from water or from being banged as we floated towards the narrow entrance. Once inside, we floated on beautifully luminescent blue waters, while we were serenaded by the boat drivers. The trip was quick, and then we were out, bam-bam, where’s my tip? and ciao.

The next stop, however, was definitely worth the trip. We took the chairlift to Mt. Solaro and felt like flying above the immensity of silvery-blue water.

I don’t know about you, but I can never get enough of the blue-green water wonder of the Mediterranean…. We ended our first trip to Italy on this (literally) high note, and as always, made plans to return for a longer stay (and perhaps visit this area by boat).

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