Ciao, bella Italia (Sorrento)


We arrived in the train station of Sorrento on a lovely early September day. We didn’t have to go far to find our accommodation but we did manage to miss it, and get turned around: down the street from the train station, past the shops and resisting the temptations of gelaterias, through the park and to the right; then, another right, a left and up the street. Finally locating our destination, we were relieved when we figured out how to unlock the entry gate. We were welcomed by a luscious lemon and orange grove with a path leading to an old house.

The owner of Casa Correale greeted us in the lobby, took our passport information and handed us the key to our room. We rounded the corner to find a non-pretentious and quiet room, complete with air conditioning (the B&B is now completely renovated and looks stunning!). Once we discarded the weight of our luggage, we were ready to explore. We walked towards the water, first going away from the port, to the right for a quick panoramic view.

Then, we strolled toward the port. Our host also happened to have a trattoria (I believe it was Aqu’e sale) by the water and he treated us to some of his culinary creations. The bonus was a spectacular sunset over the water.

One of the best pastas we’ve ever tasted was at a very unexpected place, down the street from the train station, called Kontatto Restaurant and Snack Bar. The pasta bolognese was AMAZING and we enjoyed the free WiFi too.

The port was quaint, towered by cliff-side hotels and restaurants with an old world charm. The sunsets bathed the city in a warm glow.

The limoncello was fresh at I Giardini di Cataldo and we danced the night away in the lemon grove under the moonlight, serenaded by the rooftop live band at the nearby hotel, and silently observed by wall geckos.

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