Ciao, bella Italia (Positano)


Since we had such a relaxing time in Sorrento, we’ve decided to get our adrenaline pumping and took the death-defying daredevil bus ride to Positano. Note to self (and others): next time, take the boat!

Although it was definitely a unique experience, and – being from Romania I’m used to visceral driving – this trip was a bit too intense for me. At each hairpin turn, the cars would blow their horn to alert the other drivers of their presence. Small cars didn’t seem to find it necessary to slow down. The bigger cars, buses, and trucks, would inch by each other, within a millimeter from scraping the mountain wall or plunging down the cliff.

When we finally stopped and reclaimed our lives, we were standing at the top of the world – a beautiful, breathtaking vision of blue and mountain-goat-like houses perched on the steep cliff and stair-casing down toward the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Yellow flowers and a view of Positano

Francis of Assisi Statue PositanoMountain side of PositanoBlue scooter in PositanoColorful architecture in PositanoColors of houses in PositanoView of PositanoPositano view

We meandered down toward a beach-bar, where we enjoyed fresh pomodoro and the fact that, while our colleagues were heading into staff meeting, we were deep-diving our sight into the blue sea in front of us…

We took in the views of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta from several angles.

Positano viewPositano Church of Santa Maria AssuntaPositano church duomo sneak peekPositano Church of Santa Maria AssuntaPositano viewPositano view

We admired the handiwork of ceramic artists – from pottery to street signs to frescos.

We envied the cozy life of cats, napping in this piece of Paradise.

And we feasted our eyes on the blue water and leisurely glide of boats, secretly witnessing a wedding with a spectacular backdrop.

Rooftop wedding in Positano


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