Fall Foliage in Vermont

Vermont and fall go hand in hand. We traveled through the peaceful countryside and settled in Emerald State Park for a few days. From our base we explored the surrounding area, including the picture-perfect Woodstock and Wallingford, VT.

On our way from Country Bumpkins Campground in New Hampshire, we stopped to visit a farmers market and get some local goodies. We leveled Lexi, our RV under the golden and amber maple trees; the doggies settled outside, breathing in the fresh forest air.

New Hampshire to Vermont - trip map

The woods enticed us, so we set for a walk. We followed the path through the trees until we reached the water. Looping back, the path seemed to disappear (it wasn’t clearly marked). We walked through the woods for a while until we found the main paved alley back to our campsite. We loaded up the dogs in the back of our CRV and set off to visit the area.

At some point, I turned around to check on my pups and froze as I saw a dozen bugs crawling on Kylie’s face!! I told David to stop the car immediately. I usually don’t freak out but this was too much! We got Kylie out of the car, then feverishly wiped off and plucked the nasty swarm of ticks, freaking out internally and praying that we got them all off. EEEWWW!!! Word to the wise: be careful walking off the path in the woods – or just avoid it altogether – and check your pets for ticks often! Luckily, the nearest Petco in Rutland was able to fit us in quickly and took good care of my poor pup. I have to say that after the groomers took care of her, Kylie never looked better in her life!

Crisis averted, we proceeded with our area visit. Historic downtown Rutland greeted us with a fall festival. Although not exactly fitting in the fall theme, the Caribbean coconut rum cake we purchased from one of the vendors was nonetheless a delicious treat!

Woodstock was definitely on our list of places to see in Vermont. The small historic town is full of charm and we took our time exploring all that it had to offer. From small artisanal shops, to quaint cafes, to the classic Colonial and romantic Victorian homes, Woodstock is the quintessential New England village, packing in the best that the area has to offer. I loved the soft light falling through maple tree leaves onto ginger bread houses, the crisp but still pleasant air – perfect for sporting my brand new Vermont flannel shirt, and the delighted look on my dogs’ faces as they trotted through town. I took a quick tour of the 1883 Norman Williams Public Library, taking in the smell of books and admiring the craftsmanship of the old woodwork.

The drive back to the campground revealed even more beautiful photo ops and I felt absolutely giddy with excitement shooting the colorful scenery. We savored another treat: delicious ice cream and maple syrup EVERYTHING from Green Mountain Sugar House, a mom and pop place offering organic maple products since the 1950s. The lakeview was the cherry on top!

Wallingford is another New England gem! Quiet and small, this 1700s town is big on charm. An elegant mix of colonial, federal, and Victorian homes adorn the main street. The Old Stone Shop that was once the oldest pitch fork company in America now showcases a lovely collection of Vermont arts and crafts.

We were lucky to experience amazing fall colors on Kancamagus Highway and on Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Our visit to Vermont immediately added the area to our must-see places for fall charm. I hope to return someday and explore more of the Green Mountain National Forest and Finger Lakes.

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