Fluffing Our Nest on Wheels

This weekend, we are celebrating my birthday by taking Lexi, our RV on its maiden voyage to the nearby Smoky Mountains. We have been primping and prepping Lexi, checking that everything works, ordering all the necessary hoses, checking the tire pressure, and replacing the windshield wipers. I spent a day cleaning it top to bottom – although, luckily, the RV was very nicely maintained, so it was mainly dusty.

The best part for me was of course decorating the place. I had fun shopping for some new light weight china (Corelle) and getting to fluff our nest on wheels with new sheets, a bedspread, and pillows. I’ve decided to go with the coastal blues and grays, with yellow as an accent color. Lexi is blue and gray on the outside and so I’m not sure why the interior textiles are in a burgundy floral pattern…

To make matters a bit more challenging – ahem, I mean more fun, we are also planning on taking the dogs with us. We ordered soft kennels for them which can be folded and stowed away. We ended up ordering from Chewy.com. The 36″ seems to fit Kylie, our Border Collie, while the 28″ is way too large for Roxie, our dachshund. So, we’ll have to try a 20″ for her and see what happens.

I have made a list of items that we would need in the kitchen and small bathroom. I measured the interior of each drawer. In addition to using soft liners, I am looking for small plastic or cloth baskets to place inside the storage areas. This way, I think the items won’t slide around while driving and will not rattle.

But, like any other home, I think we’ll have to live in it for a while to figure out its quirks and what we need to make it work for us.

For our first trip, we are staying at Townsend / Great Smokies KOA. After a moody stretch of weather, we are finally supposed to get sunshine and 70s, so we should be set. I can’t wait but I’m also a bit nervous.

Let the glamping begin!

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