Green Tea Drink Recipes

I borrowed a couple of cocktail recipes from one of my favorite hangouts in Knoxville, Sapphire, and I threw in a healthy green tea recipe from my favorite Japanese restaurant, TOMO, for good measure.

Tranquility Cocktail

2 ounces of fresh brewed green tea
1.5 ounces of 360 peach vodka
spoon full of powdered sugar
3 frozen peaches (thawed)
splash of soda water
shake well and strain over frozen peaches in a rocks glass

Bonsai Mojito

2ounces of fresh brewed green tea
1.5 ounces of bacardi rum
muddle 2 cucumbers and 5 sprigs of mint
splash of simple syrup
splash of soda water
served in high ball with ice

Cocktail recipes Courtesy of Amie Snyder, Mixologist/ Bar Manager at Sapphire, Knoxville

Japanese Tea with Genmaicha and Konacha

  • Genmaicha – Japanese mix of green tea leaves and rice, roasted together. The rice will pop, resembling pop corn, thus the mixture’s colloquial name “popcorn tea”.
  • Konacha – Green tea leaves and buds, powdered.
  • Genmaicha will provide the taste, while Konacha provides the deep green coloring of the tea.

Mix 1 tbps. of Konacha with 2 tbps of Genmaicha into a tea strainer. Pour almost boiling water over the mixture and allow the water to collect into a tea cup/mug. Enjoy!

Courtesy of Patrick Rathida of TOMO Knoxville

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