Home, again, in beautiful Brasov, Romania

The long trip home is always well worth it… Three planes, one automobil, and 20-some hours later, my husband and I arrived HOME, in my natal Brasov, Romania. Having lived half my life away from home, I can say that I never stop missing my true home. Things are not perfect but they are good.

We took the mandatory trip to the old city and found a main street and plaza, Piata Sfatului packed with people milling about or enjoying a warm and beautiful early fall day on a cafe terrace.

We got some light shopping done – I’m always looking for comfortable AND stylish shoes which actually exist in Europe – and then we got hungry. We looked for what we remembered to be a great little restaurant on a side street serving traditional Romanian food. The terrace was full at La Ceaun (The Cauldron) but the waiter directed us to their second and larger location in Piata Sfatului. We settled in at a table and savored traditional stuffed cabbage rolls, baked polenta bubbling with cheese, and apple pie. The bonus was the musical background: the Brasov symphony orchestra and choir performing popular opera. It was amazing, such a treat! Our waiter seemed happy and gladly sang along on occasions.

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