Hydra, Greece (Part 4)

September 21, 2017

We greeted our last full day on Hydra island at sunrise from the rooftop. The resident cat came by to visit, while not far away a lady was painting her rooftop terrace by hand.



We had to take one last long walk on the island, which had served as the backdrop for several internationally renowned movies. Its beauty has been the muse of many artists since, including for Leonard Cohen, whose song Bird on a Wire came to life here. The views were spectacular and we couldn’t get enough of the blue waters below us.


At the end of the walkway, we were nicely rewarded when we reached Plakes beach and the Four Seasons. We paused for a healthy and hearty Greek breakfast (that was reasonably priced at €10/person), watching and listening to the waves gently crashing on the pebble beach in front of us. Everything was so fresh and flavorful – it’s a definite must if you’re ever on the island. And if you prefer to have a seafood lunch, you may choose one of the many freshly-caught options on display in a cooler. If you don’t feel like walking, there are also boat rides available from the port.

As the sun came down on the island, we found ourselves once again on the rooftop, taking in the peaceful surroundings, as the lights came on discretely in the island homes and in the Milky Way above.


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