Hydra, Greece (Part 5)

September 22, 2017

Our last few hours before leaving Hydra were spent delightfully. We greeted the day from the rooftop while savoring Greek orange marmalade and a strong cup of coffee, enjoying our resident kitty cat’s soft mews.

We took another walk and cooled off in the cove underneath the Sunset Restaurant. Our lunch was light and lovely: grilled octopus, followed by a Cypriot salad with pickled peppers and cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, topped with grilled halloumi cheese, and refreshing lemon and spearmint dressing. We sipped a frothy cappuccino, taking in the sites one more time before heading down to the port. We visited an art gallery and bought colorful watercolors to remind us of this island’s beauty, then enjoyed a glass of prosecco at a nearby café.


As all good things come to an end, we packed our bags in Athens and then enjoyed one more meal at Il Vero (pizza and mushroom risotto) together with friends in the lively town plaza on Leoforos Vasileos Pavlou Avenue.

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