Naxos, Greece—Beaches, Sunshine, and Sunset at Apollo’s Temple

On our last day on the island of Naxos, Greece, we retraced our steps to some of our favorite beaches and enjoyed the company of the resident cats. We sampled more local fare and beat the crowds to a slow but magnificent sunset glowing through La Portara, the stone gate of an ancient temple honoring Apollo, Greek god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, poetry, the Sun and light.

Cute little black and white kitten
Beger kitties

We discovered another angle to view the kite and wind surfers heading in and out of Mikri Vigla beach. The same dedicated Border Collie patrolled the beach, keeping things in check.

Windy day on Naxos, Greece
Mikri Vigla Beach surfing

Just around the corner from Mikri Vigla beach, we walked the rocky shores of a secluded beach, where a group of German-speaking RV-ers played cards and drank beer.

Another beach beaconed us to its warm sands and shallow warm water.

As the sun started to approach the horizon, we trekked up the hill to La Portara, the gate to Apollo’s Temple, securing a good spot to capture the sunset. Built in the 6th century BC, the temple took a beating from conquerors, so the only thing still standing tall at 6 meters/20 feet is the gate. The temple sits on the islet of Palatia, which is connected to the port by a causeway.

Legend has it that the islet of Palatia was where the Greek hero Theseus abandoned his lover Ariadne, a Minoan princess, after he killed Minotaur, the bull-headed monster and guardian of a sacrificial labyrinth in Crete.

Naxos Greece - article about a Greek model who looks Mionan

After the mandatory shot of the sun through the gate be sure to turn around for a great panorama of the town of Chora, bathed in a soft glow.

Sunset at La Portara, Apollo’s Temple, Naxos, Greece

We said “good bye” to our sweet feline companions and watched the island disappear as we flew out.

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