Naxos, Greece—Turquoise Water and Golden Sunsets

This was a day of total relaxation with stops at the beach and taking time to appreciate the beauty of the Mediterranean. We indulged in more local bakery products and witnessed an amazing technicolor sunset at the port.

Day 4

  • South Beach and Mikri Vigla Beach
  • Downtown Naxos City/Chora – walking and shopping
  • Bossa Café and an amazing sunset in the port

We started our fourth day on the island late but finally feeling completely relaxed. After coffee, we walked over to the nearest beach and listened to the sound of waves—the perfect vacation soundtrack.

Naxos Greece beach panorama

Not far from our AirBnB, Mikri Vigla beach is the preferred spot for wind and kite surfers. The wind picked up and while not ideal for my hair, it made for a perfect day for water sports enthusiasts, who flew by and flipped over white crested waves under the watchful eye of a Border Collie.

Naxos Greece panorama Mikri Vigla
Wind surfing at Mikri Vigla beach, Naxos, Greece

Lunch consisted of local goodies, including more pastries from the village bakery, humus, olives, and fresh veggies. The kitties visited too.

As the sun started to dip down toward the water, we headed into port and strolled through downtown Chora.

Ardent reds, oranges, and yellows turned to intense purples and fuchsia as the sun set over yachs and fishing boast. We found the perfect spot on the terrace of Bossa Café. We settled in on a cushy bench framed by hot pink bougainvillea and potted palm plants. Paper lanterns, Christmas lights weaved in the décor, candle lights on the tables, and the vibrant sunset set the mood to enchanting. We sipped on bubbly and beer, which came with complimentary locally made charcuterie board (every time we ordered a new drink!). Side note: I love this about Europe, when coffee comes with a cookie or chocolate and drinks come with a snack!

Nightlife - Naxos, Greece

Eventually, we had to pry ourselves from the comfortable terrace and find the way back to our car. We strolled through lively narrow streets still abuzz with tourists and shops selling their goodies inside and outside the stores.

We got a kick out of a mural of a boy getting ready to pie-face unknowing walkers as they passed the corner of a white-washed building. We also snickered at the local parking style, where the lines marking parking spaces were generally treated as a mere suggestion and blatantly ignored. If it fits….

Back at the AirBnB, we finished the evening on the balcony, in the company of the orange tabby.

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