A Road with a View

After a rainy but relaxing and quiet visit to Jasper, we followed the road out and toward our new destination, JJ’s RV Resort in Nanton, just south of Calgary – a quick stopping point before crossing the border into Montana to visit Glacier National Park.

Lucky to travel on a gorgeous day, we were able to fully appreciate the stunning views along the way, as we made our descent from Jasper. A quick stop at the glaciers revealed a meandering road leading to the icy mountains, where tour buses and people looked like ants compared to the imposing stature of the rocks around them. A milky blue river snaked its way gently from the glacier, shaping and carrying away bits of the mountain downstream.

The mountain showed us its many faces, some frozen, some of dark and layered slate slabs, towering over pristine blue waterfalls and rivers.

And then, of course, were the pretty flowers, abuzz with red belted bumble bees.

The rain that greeted us in the valley couldn’t dampen our spirits as we arrived at JJ’s RV Resort in Nanton. Jeremy welcomed us and beamed with pride and joy about plans to expand the park, delighted by the anticipated shade of newly planted trees. This park was his retirement project. And what a fine project, indeed.

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