Find Your Vibe in Sedona, Arizona

There is definitely a good energy about Sedona! Famous for its red rocks and energy vortices, Sedona offers miles of hiking trails, impressive vistas, natural meditation spots, and local artwork.

Sedona area

From Camp Verde, we followed State Route 179 and stopped to visit with Smokey the Bear by the Village of Oak Creek. Smokey welcomed us to Coconino National Forest and Red Rock Country. We familiarized ourselves with the main red rock attractions: Castle Rock, Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte (named Eagle’s Mountain by Apache Indians), Red Cliffs, and Lee Mountain (Sheep Mountain).

We also found out that seven species of hummingbirds frequent the area, and in the month of July, there is even a festival celebrating these colorful pollinators!

Red Rocks Sedona Arizona

From there we continued our drive to Sedona and parked at the base of Bell Rock. We took a stroll around Bell Rock, past a spaceship shaped rock, and took a break on a large flat ledge overlooking the area. The view expanded to West Sedona and past the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Sedona has long been regarded as a special place by spiritual individuals, and it’s known for having powerful pockets of energy known as vortices. There are three types of energy vortices, each with its own healing powers: magnetic (also called downflow or feminine), electric (also called upflow or masculine), or electromagnetic (combination sites). The energy at Bell Rock is masculine energy, and is said to be inspirational for the soul and fruitful for fresh thoughts and ideas. We hovered our hands (palms down) above a heart-shaped dent we spotted on the rock beneath our feet. We could feel an upward energy emanating from its warm surface, sending tingling “zaps” toward our elbows. On our path, we noticed the contorted trunks of juniper trees, presumed to be the result of energy flow. To me, they looked like masterful art pieces.

Whether or not you believe in vortices, the healing power of simply being in the area—quieting down, and taking in the magnificent sites—is undeniable.

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