Christmas in Romania – Part 4: Mocanita Steam Train

Christmas in Romania – Part 4: Mocanita Steam Train

Mocanita from Viseu de Sus is the most famous narrow gauge train using a steam engine in Romania and the only one in Europe still in use. Mocanita Steam Train is also the only way to access Vaser Valley, a mountainous area, with century old forests, mostly untamed due to a complete lack of transport infrastructure and human settlements. Continue reading “Christmas in Romania – Part 4: Mocanita Steam Train”

Christmas in Romania – Part 3: Maramures

Christmas in Romania – Part 3: Maramures & Traditions

While in Maramures, we visited a few traditional landmarks, happenings, and people: The Merry Cemetery at Sapanta, Traditions Festival in Sighetul Marmatiei, Ieud Monasteries, the famous wood carvings of Mos Pupaza, and Ples Folk Museum. Continue reading “Christmas in Romania – Part 3: Maramures”

Christmas in Romania – Intro

Christmas in Romania: Intro

This winter I escaped to my hometown of Brasov, Romania for the holidays and it was everything I could have asked for: family, food, dancing, walking, and more food.


I could have used a bit more snow but the good part about not having much snow was that we were able travel around the country. I had the opportunity to travel to Maramures, the northwestern corner of Romania, where traditions are kept alive to this day by the locals.

Come back later and read the details of the trip. Meanwhile, here are a few photos to hold you over:

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