Salata de Vinete – Roasted Eggplant Spread

One of my most favorite things to eat growing up (and now) is Romanian roasted eggplant spread. Similar to baba ganoush, we call it “salata de vinete” (“salata” means salad and “vinete” means eggplants). There are many versions of this recipe – some using mayo, some adding chopped onions, but I really prefer it simple. In Romania, we use sunflower oil but I go for a light olive oil instead. If you want to play with the taste some more, use a flavored olive oil (I get mine at Tree and Vine in Knoxville), such as Persian Lime or Rosemary. Continue reading “Salata de Vinete – Roasted Eggplant Spread”

December: the month of celebrations (Happy Birthday, Romania!)

For Romanians, December is a month of celebrations. Having Latin blood, we love our families and love a good party, especially around Christmas and the New Year. We beginning our celebrations, however, on the first day of the month: December 1, our national holiday and the day of our country’s Great Union. Continue reading “December: the month of celebrations (Happy Birthday, Romania!)”

Home, again, in beautiful Brasov, Romania

The long trip home is always well worth it… Three planes, one automobil, and 20-some hours later, my husband and I arrived HOME, in my natal Brasov, Romania. Having lived half my life away from home, I can say that I never stop missing my true home. Things are not perfect but they are good. Continue reading “Home, again, in beautiful Brasov, Romania”

Christmas in Romania – Part 1: Trip to Romania and Christmas Feast

This winter I escaped to my hometown of Brasov, Romania for the holidays and it was
everything I could have asked for: family, friends, food, wine, dancing, walking…and more food.

The trip didn’t start quite right. 20151217_141656I had this weird feeling that nagged me: “I’m not ready to travel yet.” This is very strange, as I am usually super-pumped about hitting the road, especially when it comes to going home, to Romania…  Continue reading “Christmas in Romania – Part 1: Trip to Romania and Christmas Feast”

Christmas in Romania – Intro

Christmas in Romania: Intro

This winter I escaped to my hometown of Brasov, Romania for the holidays and it was everything I could have asked for: family, food, dancing, walking, and more food.


I could have used a bit more snow but the good part about not having much snow was that we were able travel around the country. I had the opportunity to travel to Maramures, the northwestern corner of Romania, where traditions are kept alive to this day by the locals.

Come back later and read the details of the trip. Meanwhile, here are a few photos to hold you over:

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