December: the month of celebrations (Happy Birthday, Romania!)

For Romanians, December is a month of celebrations. Having Latin blood, we love our families and love a good party, especially around Christmas and the New Year. We beginning our celebrations, however, on the first day of the month: December 1, our national holiday and the day of our country’s Great Union. Continue reading “December: the month of celebrations (Happy Birthday, Romania!)”

Sunny Sunday with Friends in Greece

Sunday morning in Voula came with plenty of sunshine and a sweet reunion with my best friend from college: my roommate of three years and sister-at-heart. It had been five years and two children since I had last seen her. My friend is one of the most loving beings I know, known also for her signature smile. It was the best feeling to see her again and spend a little time with her, now as responsible adults… Continue reading “Sunny Sunday with Friends in Greece”

Once Upon an Olive: Athens, Greece

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Six a.m. came early and with it our ride to the airport. We guzzled down just enough coffee to crack open our eyes and finish packing. The ride was smooth and we stopped a couple of times on our way to Otopeni, the main airport in Bucharest, Romania. The Greek welcome came in flight in the shape of a Melekouni sesame cookie, a traditional honey and sesame seed sweet bar, given in Rhodes at weddings or christenings. Continue reading “Once Upon an Olive: Athens, Greece”

Intro to worldly travel blogging

Taking baby steps towards the big escape…

Some of the countries I was fortunate to experience include: Romania, Holland, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, and The United States of America. I barely scratched the surface… There are many more countries that I would love to visit and many more unique destinations within each of the countries I have already visited.

All photos © Oana Harrison


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