Naxos, Greece—Turquoise Water and Golden Sunsets

This was a day of total relaxation with stops at the beach and taking time to appreciate the beauty of the Mediterranean. We indulged in more local bakery products and witnessed an amazing technicolor sunset at the port.

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Naxos, Greece—the ideal island for wind and kite surfing

I lost count of how many times we’ve been to Greece. Once we got a taste of the beautiful islands and turquoise waters, we were hooked. We returned to Athens in September of 2022 to catch up with our friends, then explored a new island: Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades.

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Grand Lake and Lake Granby, Colorado

One of the best things about living in Colorado is that we are never far from spectacular natural statements! Each season emphasizes a different beauty of the rugged landscape. We have the added bonus of having friends in high places: our neighbors and friends have a summer cabin near Lake Granby (which sits at 8,284 feet elevation), about two hours’ drive from where we live, just outside and west of Denver.

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Ciao, bella Italia (Sorrento)


We arrived in the train station of Sorrento on a lovely early September day. We didn’t have to go far to find our accommodation but we did manage to miss it, and get turned around: down the street from the train station, past the shops and resisting the temptations of gelaterias, through the park and to the right; then, another right, a left and up the street. Finally locating our destination, we were relieved when we figured out how to unlock the entry gate. We were welcomed by a luscious lemon and orange grove with a path leading to an old house.

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Life’s a Beach: Miramar, FL

The month of May and warm weather are here, and with them the urge to cool off in the pool or even better, take a dip in the soothing ocean waves. With our furry kids safely at home this time, we embarked in Lexi, our RV, and drove to the beach. For our second RV trip and our 10th wedding anniversary, we chose Destin, Florida area – Miramar Beach, to be exact.

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