A Tennessee Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, the year of the “plague,” we are not going to visit with family or friends but we are thinking fondly of them all. We relive the joy of our last year’s celebrations instead and give thanks for our health.

Four months after leaving Knoxville for our year-long RV trip, we came back to our home turf last year to reconnect with family and celebrate with friends. Knoxville weather in the fall is something locals look forward to all year, and we were lucky to have a month of mostly dry and sunny days.

One of my favorite places in Knoxville is Sequoyah Hills Park. I have spent many hours walking, running, or simply relaxing by the water while in grad school and years after…. I was happy to return and bring my almost 20-year-old kitty with me, allowing her to enjoy a nice day in the sunshine. The dogs didn’t seem to have missed kitty (she had to stay with a good friend while we traveled via RV) but they didn’t seem to mind her either.

We loved seeing our friends and having Friendsgiving together. I missed their company and wished they could join us on our adventures….

We celebrated Thanksgiving with family and had fun playing cards–Mom always winning….

We managed to dodge snow for most of our trip only to get a snow day in Knoxville. We all snuggled indoors and warmed up, thankful for all the things that really matter.

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