Keeping up with the Gaineses: Waco, Texas

Being in the area, we couldn’t skip visiting the popular little town of Waco, home of Chip and Joanna Gaines and their successful businesses Magnolia Market and The Silos.

Our first stop was the little bakery at the Silos. We drooled over the many flavors of perfectly topped cupcakes and sweet rolls. We chose to indulge in two treats, one savory, one sweet, and a hot cup of coffee. The dogs were very interested in helping us with our meal but instead had to be satisfied with cleaning up the crumbs, in competition with the local sparrows.

We took turns checking out the nearby shop, then walked around the green lawn where people were relaxing either sitting on the grass or on giant bean bags.

Down the street from the Silos we passed Magnolia Press Coffee, then an old fashion candy shop, before stopping by Jimmy Don‘s shop. It sounds silly, but when he showed up and started chatting with us (about our dogs), I was star-struck. I should have asked him to take a photo with us, but I felt like he’d be tired of that, so instead we just enjoyed talking with him and his wife.

Walking back toward our car, we passed Mama and Papa B’s BBQ, a non-assuming little joint promising to deliver delicious smoked meat, Southern-style, or in their words: “If the bears kill it we’ll cook it.” We didn’t have the chance to partake but it definitely caught our attention.

We drove to the original location of Magnolia Market, and then to Harp Design to admire some of Clint’s handy woodwork.

Next, we drove around town to get an idea of the place overall. The small town is half way between two major Texas cities: Austin and Dallas/Ft. Worth. It is mostly a slightly scruffy, mid-Texas settlement, with up-and-coming sections and youthful businesses springing up mainly near the Silos. It features interestingly-named neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills and Heart of Texas, and historical points of interest such as the Waco Mammoth National Monument, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Dr Pepper Museum, paying homage to the locally invented soft drink.

We concluded our visit to Waco with a drive by the Gaines’ farm. It was a sweet visit and we enjoyed the small town’s friendly energy.

I love it when someone sweet and talented becomes successful–so, good job Chip and JoJo, and all the other talented people in Waco! Keep up the good work!

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