Welcome to the Wild Wild West: Tombstone, Arizona!

Ya better watch your back as you kick the dust while walking on Allen Street! Or, you could just use the wooden boardwalks instead…. Get a feel for historic Tombstone with its 1800s cowboy gunfights still reenacted at the O.K. Corral and walk among ghosts haunting the old Bird Cage Theatre.

If you truly want a taste of the old West, Tombstone is sure to satisfy. This old town preserved its history well and lives up to its nickname “The Town Too Tough To Die.” The town’s existence came about in 1879 fueled by a nearby silver mine. Miners worked hard and played hard, the many saloons, brothels, and theatres in town standing as a testament. When the Tough Nut Mine proved not to be so tough and flooded in 1886, the town lost its momentum. However, its entertaining spirit lives strong to this day, and thousands of visitors take a trip back in the time of the Wild West each year.

Be sure to stop by the Tombstone Courthouse for more history of the town, and shop at of the many stores showcasing intricate leatherworks and local crafts. Get more ideas of what to see around Tombstone.

Old Tucson and Tombstone got us a taste of the Wild West, but back in modern-time Tucson, we got a taste of the local cuisine. We met our friends “the Brandii bunch” for brunch at a lovely French bistro Agustin Kitchen which takes pride in sourcing locally.

Arizona has so much to offer! From amazing nature, to amazing cuisine, this state is one not to be missed. Check out a suggested Arizona itinerary from one of my favorite travel magazines, AFAR. Then check out my next post about yet another amazing Arizona gem, Sedona, and the nearby Flagstaff.

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