Life’s a Beach: Miramar, FL

The month of May and warm weather are here, and with them the urge to cool off in the pool or even better, take a dip in the soothing ocean waves. With our furry kids safely at home this time, we embarked in Lexi, our RV, and drove to the beach. For our second RV trip and our 10th wedding anniversary, we chose Destin, Florida area – Miramar Beach, to be exact.

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Christmas in Knoxville, TN

This year we had a very quiet and unseasonably warm Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner, complete with sarmale (Romanian stuffed cabbage rolls), mamaliga (polenta), and red wine in good company. Christmas Day came with gift opening outside, on the deck, while soaking in the sun in 60-degree weather.

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Beaufort, SC: a cute little town by the sea

In May 2015, we got away for a quick trip to the beach. I have heard about Beaufort, SC from HGTV, I believe, and then I have read about it in Coastal Living. It was described as a quaint little artist town by the water, so I really wanted to check it out. We always go to Charleston but this time we ventured out about an hour and a half to check things out. Beaufort was indeed a cute little town. Continue reading “Beaufort, SC: a cute little town by the sea”

My kind of town, Chicago is

I heard a lot about Chicago, mostly about the jazz & blues scene and the cold winters. I had the chance to visit very briefly while in college. I really wanted to go to a piano jazz bar. However, as fate will have it, I was a day or two shy of my 21st birthday. In Europe, this wouldn’t have been an issue but here we can drive at 16, be in a war at 18 but are not responsible enough to drink until we are 21… Anyway, the funny thing is that I didn’t even drink back then (it’s all over now 😉 ). I went to Chicago just for a day. I remember walking along the river and having the distinct feeling that I was in one of my favorite movies, While You Were SleepingContinue reading “My kind of town, Chicago is”