Let’s Reno that RV

We kicked off our RV renovation project a little later than I had hoped but now it’s on! I’ve been giving the side eye to the ugly beigey carpet for a while now and I couldn’t wait to rip it out.

With two dogs and a cat, I have developed a true aversion toward carpet, especially toward beige carpet. For the RV, we found beautiful wood-looking vinyl plank flooring, flexible enough to accommodate a moving structure and easy to install (we hope), as it is tongue-in-groove, no nails or glue required. We liked the look of the Antique Brushed Oak.

Antique Brushed Oak Vinyl Plank Flooring
Antique Brushed Oak Vinyl Plank Flooring

But first, we had to deal with some of the water damage that had some of the upper cabinets above the dinette in need of a little repair. David took them off and will rebuild them, perhaps expanding the depth of the shelves and anchoring them to a fresh and rot-free spot in the ceiling.

Upper cabinets in repair

My husband also yanked out the jack-knife sofa which is OK but not great. We have our eye on a comfortable pair of recliner seats with a center console from RecPro.



RecPro Recliner Sofa
RecPro Recliner Sofa

As far as the dinette goes, we don’t love it but hope to be able to reupholster it and add a bit more foam for extra cushion. I would like to use something like Sunbrella fabric or something both durable and comfortable (instead of the pleather options I’ve seen). A trip to the local fabric store didn’t yield too many good options, unfortunately. The patterns we loved didn’t come in a sturdy enough material, so the search goes on. I’m also looking into what a lot of RVers used to cover the table and counter top surfaces – a contact paper that looks like marble.

Dinette area - before
Dinette area – before

The ugly window valences have gone bye-bye and new light-blocking curtains are waiting to be hung in the bedroom (Target’s Eclipse Windsor panels in charcoal). I’m still looking for options for the living area but I will wait until the flooring and furniture are in before picking a pattern.

My first project, though, is refacing the cabinets. I have been drooling over all the beautiful remodel photos people have been posting in the RV interior Ideas group on Facebook. I am super pleased with the chosen color of the lower cabinets, a nice blue-grey from Behr called NYPD blue. I was less pleased to realize that the RV cabinets had a mix of real wood, plywood, and wood-looking paper covering some of the areas. Sanding and painting the different surfaces turned out to be a bit tricky. I armed myself with 100 grit sanding paper, a hand-held sanding block with a couple of edges for hard-to-reach spots and angles. However, I might need to go for reinforcements and use Kilz. For the upper cabinets, I am looking at Behr white satin finish.

Kitchen lower cabinets - before and after
Kitchen lower cabinets – before and after

Our theme is blue-grey, dark blue, and yellow. I figured I would start with the base: flooring and cabinets, then add in the furniture, curtains, back splash for the kitchen and bathroom, and decor. The good news is that the space is limited, so we won’t have that much to do. Right? šŸ™‚ Y’all, stop giving me ideas! (Actually, don’t stop, please).

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