Snow and Sunsets in Albuquerque

Mid-April 2020, we followed Route 66, and found ourselves once again in New Mexico, just outside of Albuquerque. We drove past the billboard featuring a Route 66 postcard that marks the entrance to Enchanted Trails RV Park, and settled into our parking spot behind the now familiar vintage RVs.

As soon as we settled in, a chill came through the air and blew in a spring snow shower.

Snow or not, we didn’t want to miss the chance to see Cibola National Forest, home of Sandia Peak. I trudged through snow and ice on the path that lead to a panoramic overlook of the valley. The wind picked up and reminded us that winter was still not ready to give up its turf.

The Enchanted Trails RV Park was familiar territory, having stayed there only two months before. It was a small feeling of comfort that eased the awkwardness of isolation. We walked around the camp, took more photos of the vintage RVs, familiarized ourselves with the local flora and fauna, and witness spectacular sunsets. Our next stop: Texas.

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