Hydra, Greece (Part 2)

September 19, 2017

Our second day on Hydra, we enjoyed a stroll on the island, alongside the beautiful blue waters of the Aegean, to Kamini beach. We discovered a wonderful and quiet swim hole, not far from the main port. We eased into the crystal clear and gentle water, taking in the peaceful surroundings interrupted only by the passing boats.



After a nice swim, we were ready for lunch. The Sunset Restaurant was the perfect location with a great view of the water and a delicious menu. The fried calamari was tender but the highlight of the meal for me was the Cretan salad, which was not only beautiful but a perfect balance of taste and texture. The barley rusk base layer still had a crunch but its hardness was softened by the sweet and tangy juice from the tomatoes lying on top. The arugula provided a slight spiciness to the dish, only to be softened by a generous portion of creamy goat cheese. The salty olives and fresh capers completed this fresh and nothing short of satisfying dish. We enjoyed the view a bit longer over a glass of chilled Moshofilero white wine. Made from a Peloponnese grape variety, this wine was perfect for a summer day: fresh, crisp, and citrusy.






Since our lunch was mostly healthy, we decided to go for some dessert and coffee at Tassos café and bar. The pistachio ice cream wasn’t quite what I was expecting but the afogado (meaning “drowned” in Portuguese and here served as coffee with vanilla ice cream) was good.


The perfect ending to this perfect second day on the island was watching the sunset from the rooftop terrace of our AirBnB, even if it was a bit hazy.


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